Narrative Painting

Mondays & Wednesday 6:30 - 9:30 pm

8 classes: $495

Starts May 6th, 2019


Val Mayerik

Class Description:

This class invites students to explore the activity or underlying motive of subject(s) in a painting and the associated challenges to the artist in terms of composition and figure placement.  

The class will open with a brief introduction to Mayerik’s work and career followed by a visual presentation of pictorial storytelling throughout the history of figurative painting from the Dutch Masters to the great illustrators of the 19th and early 20th century and up to the present showing some work of contemporary figurative masters such as Steve Huston and Arantzazu Martinez.

Some time will be given over to questions and then on to preparation for the final painting using preliminary sketching to create a scenario, deciding on the use of a model and whether the model(s) will pose with costume or props or in lieu of that, collecting photo reference along with needed props.

Over the following sessions the students will work on their paintings in their characteristic styles but always keeping true to the principle of conveying a story through the figure and its activity and relationship with other elements of the composition.

On the last day the students will add finishing touches preparing for a class exhibition, which then would culminate in a critique and discussion.

Supply List:

  • Sketching supplies, paper, pencils, fine point markers, colored pencils, maybe a few water colors for the initial conceptual stage. Ideas will be sketched and possibly discarded and sketched again. In the later concept stage some photo reference may be required and the photographing of models, props, etc. can done with cell phones.

  • The final piece may be completed in whatever medium the students are comfortable with.