Fundamentals of Painting using Still Life

8 classes: $495


Barbara Pence


Students should have one year of drawing classes or equivalent experience.

Class Description:

This course will focus on understanding and dominating basic painting skills.  These include:  how to hold the brush; how much paint to use at each stage of the painting; using the brush to sketch in the main elements of the painting; identifying and creating appropriate values (gradations from light to dark) to make the painting appear three dimensional; and how to efficiently mix colors to achieve the desired hues.  Students will also learn how to identify the relative values of different colors, and relative warmth or coolness of individual colors and how warmth or coolness affects color mixing.

Supply List:

  • Oil Paints (professional grade) used by Barbara (students may bring a similar array of colors if not these exact colors or brands)

    • Winsor Red Deep

    • Cadmium Red Light

    • Sap Green

    • Ultramarine Blue

    • Grumbacher Cadmium Yellow Medium

    • Winsor Newton Flake White Hue

    • Ivory Black

    • Burnt Umber

    • Burnt Sienna

  • Oil brushes: A variety of sizes from size 0 to size 12 in softer, more flexible hair, either in a synthetic fiber or animal hairs, such as sable, badger or mongoose.  Barbara finds filberts the most useful overall, and normally uses Winsor Newton Monarch brushes with synthetic mongoose hair.  For this course in which the student will use relatively small canvasses or boards, the most useful size brushes will be in the range of size 4 to size 8.

  • Supports: The student should plan to bring three or four prepared stretched canvasses or boards, underpainted in a relatively warm color of about medium value(not too dark, not too light), such as burnt sienna or burnt umber, either mixed with white. (It’s difficult to easily see relative values properly if starting to paint with a white board or canvas.)  Recommended sizes for boards or canvas: 11” X 14” or 12” X 16”. 

  • Painting medium: Winsor Newton Liquin or Gamblin Galkyd Medium suggested.  

  • Portable palette

  • Paper towels or blue shop towels

  • Palette knife for mixing paints