Intro to Still Life Painting

8 classes: $495


Barbara Pence


Students should have one year of drawing classes or equivalent experience.

Class Description:

In this course, students will work to complete about 2 still life paintings.  Still life sets ups will be provided by the instructor. The course will focus on: drawing accuracy (always important); how to make use of color to make a more beautiful painting, reflect reality and add interest; and the use of value to make a painting “pop”.

Supply List:

  • Oil Paints (professional grade)

    • Winsor Red Deep

    • Cadmium Red Light

    • Sap Green

    • Ultramarine Blue

    • Grumbacher Cadmium Yellow Medium

    • Winsor Newton Flake White Hue

    • Other useful colors, though not necessary, would be Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Black and Transparent Yellow Oxide.

  • Oil brushes: A variety of sizes from size 0 to size 12 in softer, more flexible bristles, either in a synthetic fiber or animal hairs, such as sable, badger or mongoose. (Barbara mainly uses Winsor Newton Monarch brushes with mongoose hair, mostly filberts.)

  • Supports: Prepared stretched canvasses or boards. Supports should be underpainted in a relatively neutral color of about medium value. Recommended sizes: 12” X 16”, 16” X 20”, or 18” X 24”. For less experienced students, I recommend you avoid 18" X 24".